The Lord Of The Rings are my three favourite movie and I wanted to know if you like it too, so we can talk about it and have debates and answer some questions that could be asked :)  Thank you :d 

And I also wanted to know who are your favourite characters and why :D

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Or not ......... :p

I love the Lord of The Rings, too! I first read the books when I was 12 (my first fantasy novels) and they got me hooked on fantasy, I've never given it up since! I loved the elves (Legolas, Arwen) and Gandalf and the hobbits and the dwarves and Ents (the Ents were way cool cos I've always loved trees and wished they could talk and move! :D) and Strider and all - brilliant characters and great storyline - and of course the very unusual character, Gollum! And the scary Nazgul and Sauron - very awesomely scary! I thought how they did the movies were so true to the story, and almost all of the characters and scenery were exactly how I imagined (apart from no yellow fields of grass in Hobbiton and Eowin being blond and beautiful rather than red-haired and boyish as in the books, and the Urukai - however you spell that, I've forgotten - were scarier looking than I imagined! :)).

:) Thanks for bringing this topic up, Mathilde! (and I like the Legolas picture you chose - very nice!!!) :) Have a nice one!

Hahaha !! :d My favourite creatures are the Elves :d They're soooo beautiful ! Particulary Legolas who was my first love ! <3 :p I like Gollum too :d (not for his beauty, don't worry :p ) He has two very intresting personnalyties and the Hobbits are very touching :) The Uruk Hai (I think that is how you spell it :p ) are just GREAT ! They look soo real and they're so bad ! I love it ! :d I also love when Saruman die !! haha !! And when the Ring is destroyed it's sooo cool to see the reactions of all the characters :d :d There's no other movies or books that seem more real then The Lord Of The Rings... <3 (I only don't really really like the Nazgul, they're just too scary :p ) Have a nice one too :d

Thanks! :)

Yes, Legolas was also my first love, when I read the book at 12 years old! :) I loved seeing people's reactions when the Ring was destroyed too! V cool. And yes, the Nazgul are super scary (but I like how the Hobbits manage to hide from them and therefore to know that the Nazgul do not know everything so aren't all-powerful. :) It is nice knowing such scary creatures have weaknesses :)).

Hope you have had good weather today - we started with rain but ended up with sunshine, which was nice :)


Haa yes, the Nazgul are almost blind, I think... I love it ! :p It is true that this weakness make them a little less scary :d And for the weather, we started with sunshine and now, we have rain ! That's funny ! :p

Have a nice day, and I hope that more poeple will join this conversation :p :p

Upside down weather, our countries!!! That is funny!!!

Truly great, their almost blindness!

You have a nice day, too, and I hope more people join this conversation as well! :) :) :)

I think I'll send a message to all of my friends when they'll accept my request (I added a few but they didn't answer yet :p ).

Good idea - just tell them it's in FAQ cos I only found it by typing Lord of The Rings into the search thingy :) Be nice to see what other people think :)
Okay, thank you, I'll say that :))
No worries :)
It's done ! But now we just have to wait for people to join this discussion :p

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