i thought id take the time to sign up to LP after hearing the new album
i really dont wanna sound miserable or anything but man 
LP bring out 2 kick ass albums 
catches the worlds attention then
starts releasing this? 
your letting down the true fans
the fans that have been with you since hybrid theory 
hoping to hear more of the old school LP we love
and instead get this....
i can respect the whole new direction 
i do.
but its not like your angry at the world anymore.
instead of the old school linkin park that would protest indirectly 
with full enthusiasm
you centre your songs around a point and then fail to re-inforce it 
it like your giving the whole world the "im disappointed in you lecture"

its not my place to tell the artist how to do their job right? 
they must be gaining thousands of fans every weeks.

but its just so god damn depressing to see this band
the band that changed the face of music forever 
to stop making the music i love, the music that inspires me.

I, like any true LP fan has purchased all of your albums legally 
and supported the band as much as any run of the mill fan can.

but thats the last album im gonna buy. lost faith in the LP 
and the music its making 

i honestly couldn't go to an LP GIG now cause id have to BOOO my way through 85% of the set list to hear a half decent fucking song.

if you ever agreed to maybe do .... a retro tour, playing stuff from mainly hybrid theory and meteora i would be the first fucking person in line, but again chances of that are slim to none. i would fly over to the USA if i had to, just to see that gig.

doubt anyone will read this
but at least i feel a little better knowing ive fronted my views 
not that they make much sense, just the ramblings from inside my head.
you guys were my heros
This is Soo ******* up

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no one have noted that:
a thousand suns
thousand sunny!!!
i love one piece, and i thougt.....linkin park loves one piece?
probably a thousand suns means anything.....but , who knows

anyway, i love this new album.....it's true that linkin park have changed their music, but they are obtaining a very good sound with their new experiences.....W LP!!!!
Okay, seriously, people need to lay off taking everyones opinions and words too literally. Yes, when I first heard the album I came on and saw that people had come here and ranted and vented about how they felt about the album so guess what I did? The same! Shoot me now! I admit though, reading back over what I put I did come off very blunt and judgemental which I'm sorry for. I stand by most of what I put though. The interview DID come off like that, if it wasn't their words then fire the damn journalist who did the interview.

It is completely obvious that people are never going to just come to an agreement on this album or Linkin Parks old albums. Isn't that the point about music and art though? It's there for people to debate. It's there to get people thinking and talking. I didn't mean for my opinions to come off vulgar or for it to appear like I only give a crap about what I want because that isn't the case. I listened to the new album and I was soooooo shocked by it that I guess I just felt a huge dissapointment. Yes, I did expect it to at least hold some of Linkin Parks old sounds but it seems like a lot of other fans held out the same hope too. Which is why I was dissapointed.

I've grown up with Linkin Park like most people here. No matter what anyone thinks about their earlier stuff, it's what I grew up with, listened to and loved. It's what I'm used to and what I think of when I hear the name 'Linkin Park'. That DOES NOT MEAN I expect Linkin Park to suffocate themselves and only ever do what we expect sheesh I am not that closed minded. But yes, I was HOPING they would give us something at least similar to what they have always done.

If you think I'm narrow minded and can only handle one genre of music then please politely ignore my post because I really don't want to deal with people passing judgement on me like that. This shouldn't get personal. FYI, my taste in music is vast. Just because I can't get a taste for Linkin Parks new album doesn't mean I can't listen to different styles of music. That's lame. I think their album is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

I hold my hands up, I haven't listened to the album again yet. I probably will in hopes I'll find something to like about it before the concert soo who knows, I may yet be converted!

But please, whatever anyone puts up on here can we try not to make it personal??? And remember we're never all going to agree.
I have experienced no change what-so-ever in the
love and gratitude I have and express to this remarkable band

This new album "A Thousand Suns" is probably the best damn thing I've ever heard.
It's like I get to live/enjoy the HT experience/feeling, that's wow powerful this new album is to me.
But, this not only reminds me of HT, but it has the new lyrics and strong, meaningful, messages
being portrayed, similar to the message/lyrics of Minutes To Midnight.
I think of it as Hybrid Theory and Minutes To Midnight had a baby... and A Thousand Suns was it.
A spectacular, riveting, mind-blowing mix and combination. I can't really express it in words. I try.

Linkin Park, you didn't have to "awe" and "wow"
and completely, utterly shock me...
But'cha ya did.... deeply..
(this hits me on a number of emotions/past experiences
I'm trying to let go, and you're music has always helped me as I'm sure with millions of others.)

And all I have to say is.... THANK YOU!
From the complete bottom of heart, thank you.
You've worked you're ass's off and it has definitely paid off, in my honest opinion.

Never let those haters get you down.
They wanted "the old Linkin Park"
I think you gave people that and MORE.

It hurts like hell, but i have to agree, the album isn't so good.

It's like a gangsters hip hop album with influences of rock.

The Catalyst is pretty good. But the rest fails.

It hurts like hell to say!
I Think You're right.. But I think they'll come back you know, i think there are in a period just like metallica did with load & Reload.. they want to get a bigger public, but in the end, they come back with the music that they made in the younger years.. i hope LP wil do the same...
I really hope your right. But as it is right now. I won't buy the album (listened to it on spotify premium). And i will probably not see them if the decide to come to Sweden, or i am a little split on that. I want to see them. But i really DON'T want to support this. Really don't!!

Guido Van Hees said:
I Think You're right.. But I think they'll come back you know, i think there are in a period just like metallica did with load & Reload.. they want to get a bigger public, but in the end, they come back with the music that they made in the younger years.. i hope LP wil do the same...
well it it's true!! but I actually already bougth the albom lol, i was one of the people who come on the album and just buy it without thinking anything else but they are linkin, and i hope your'e rigth, changes are good but not forever ..

Mats Åström 3 said:
I really hope your right. But as it is right now. I won't buy the album (listened to it on spotify premium). And i will probably not see them if the decide to come to Sweden, or i am a little split on that. I want to see them. But i really DON'T want to support this. Really don't!!.
all this is an endless debate...

you like it or you don't, personaly, I love it! I've been listening to LP for years but never been a huge fan, it's the first time I write something on a forum about that band.

What I think & it's just my point of view, is that what matters is what you feel when you listen to music. There's no notion of good music or bad music, who cares, and who the hell knows? What matters is how music inspires you & moves you, how you receive it. I understand that a lot of "old school" fans can be disappointed, this album really is different. But as cillian said, if you're no longer enjoying the journey with a band, maybe it is time to move on to something else. I'm not saying that if you don't like it just keep your mouth shut, hell no, every point of view has its right to be heard. But you can't expect a band to do or to be what you want them to do or be. LP doesn't belongs to you, they will still be, with or without you, and you'll have to deal with it.

& the reason why I love ATS? well, I don't know, it just moves me, it talks to my guts. I think it is in harmony with the present days, with my present anyway. It's like, you listen to those songs and you don't know if you like it or not, but you feel like something is happening, it is so different that you're lost, it's nothing you have heard before, so how could you know if you like it or not, and then you listen to you're guts and you know you love it, it's great (for you at least).

I know that for me ATS is an outstanding album. I love the previous LP discs, but to me ATS is their most interesting and pertinent piece of work. But as I said, this is all subjective and we can't get to a consensus. All we can do is talk about it, and politely and respectfully if we can.
Haha, its funny to read this and the comments of other people not liking this album. Have they even listened to the song "when they come for me"? I for one love the songs on it, they have a lot of sounds I like.

If there is anything bad about he album it would have to be that the cd that I bought was censored. I heard the uncensored version off "when they come for me" on youtube, and liked their other songs so much I actually bought the cd. Though somehow I feel a bit let down because they placed censored versions on the cd. A little sticker on the cd-case with "censored version" would have been nice.

But besides that the album is fabulous, the songs are great and the general style and mood are awesome.
Hailey Lindquist said:
1) Just because they have a new album out doesnt mean that their never gunna play their old stuff ever again at a concert. I can bet you my miserable life for that.


2) Don't blame LP for their new style. Its all Rick Rubin's falt! He's the one that changed them! Thats why the last 2 albums didnt sound like HT or Meteora.

Rubin didn't hold a gun to their heads and make them change. LP chose to change, then went to Rubin to get him to help them facilitate that change. It's all on LP, whether you like the change or not.
I love LP but this latest album is terrible. Bring back the real music that made us love LP!!
I couldnt agree with you more...LINKIN PARK LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!! Ok..so i guess when bands become millionaires..they should be just like Metallica and change to producers that didnt make them rich in the first place...and let the producers brainwash them in to changing the way they write everything..screw what the fans want because hey-they will buy it anyway because of our name..and they will still come to the concerts for the old stuff..lame..Linkin Park-my message to you is why didnt you learn your lesson from comparing the sales of "Minutes to Midnight" to your first two releases? Or maybe when Chester put out "Dead by Sunrise" you definitely should have woke up...oh well your money should be dwindling away pretty quickly maybe when this album bankrupts you,you will bring back what made fans buy your first two cds-the combination of rap/rock that was in a league of its own..because if the order was reversed and this was your first cd..you wouldnt be able to even find a producer for your third album..all the good bands are going to waste...people listen to the tracks before you buy this garbage...linkin park has done all these side projects for this crap..and now Linkin Park itself is a side project...

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