the new album something tells me going to blow up the sales market in PortugalNo doubt this differently, and I bet everything on linkin park, but I admit that I miss the new metal, I can not forget, a

No doubt this
differently, and I bet everything on linkin park, but I admit that I
miss the new metal, I can not forget, as in The End, Somewhere I Belong
sounds gross!
On the day I started listening to
linkin park, my life changed, he was always listening to linkin park!
I am proud to be able to say that in 2008 I went to
see linkin park rock in rio lisboa, was beautiful, one day I'll remember
forever and ever, without any doubt who was the band of the night!
linkin park are the very originals, the LP has the
potential to be the best band in the world!
can count on me to help sales of the CD!
for the love of god this band can only end when all elements die, listen
to music without linkin park could but it was not the same thing!
I hope one day will Covilhã to give a crude concert is a dream
that I was little!

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Linkin park É a melhor Banda!! I miss their new metal too man!! Their new songs are just gay! I miss meteora and hybrid theory
I too have missed the first two albums, the Minutes to Midnight is also very good minutes to midnight this album is different because the voices around more than the previous two, the former two which are undoubtedly the best mainly Hybrid Theory, which surrounds more drums and guitars we can not forget the fantastic voices and MIKE CHESTER! I personally like the new sound mt THE CATALYST! This sound is more, xD! And there are no gays, one thing the LP CAN HAVE HUGE know for certain that I WILL BUY THE NEW CD ON DAY 14 OF SEPTEMBER! Carry, carry LP! NO ONE FOR U.S.!
Well, i hope someone from Linkin Park reads this.
I don't know what the hell they were thinking but this new album is just a slap in the face
for the LP fans.
I know that some fans love this new LP but you got to agree with me
this kind of music is not LP. I barely heard any guitar on their new music just a beat
with strange lyrics.
O novo cd dos LP é a maior merda! Adoro esta banda mas estas novas musicas não têm nada haver com o que nos tinham habituado. Posso-te garantir que vão perder muito público.. :/

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