i do have a question for everyone i have been a fan of linkin park since hybrid theory came out. i went and got a thousand suns when it came out. i was alttle upset to say the least. what happened to the old linkin park? this new cd is just slower paced its not as lively its still not a bad album all im saying is where did the old linkin park go and is this something to expect from now on? i honestly had someone sit down and listen to hybrid theory then a thousand suns. they were as diffent as night and day even to someone who is not a fan. i understand that as time goes on things change and diffrent things are explored im just asking a simple question are we ever going to see a new album with the old ways?

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Their new music is really nice and I like how they've been playing around with sounds. And of course they can't make new HT. HT is HT. I think they're evolving in to something really great.

well I have to agree with your point, if compared a thousand suns is so much different than hybrid theory, still as Crusty said Hybrid theory is Hybrid theory I dont think any other album would ever replace it and A thousand suns is also a very cool album I love the music, the beats, the lyrics its cool I think this is just a start they are goin to make even more awesome albums :)

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