The new song of linkin park....THE CATALYST: not good song

HELLO I AM A BIG FAN, I am french, I have going 7 linkin park's concert, and I have a tickets for 4 date in Europe.

I have talking with french fans about a new linkin park song :THE CATALYST,  The song is not good , BIG DISAPPOINTMENT FOR US ALL

look that

these is 39 negative comment of big fan!!!


Don't make the electro, and tekno


please remember the neo-metal, please remember hybrid theory and METEORA, or M 2 Midnight,  but not  like THE CATALYST.

PLEASE .........................
Mickael H, a big fan

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thank Julie
" I am going to listen to the rest of the album and hopefully like some of it." me too
Yes the song is more techno, and Yes it is different form the old LP. Some may like it, and others may not. Personally I don't. I got into playing the bass and would cover their songs, But for " The Catalyst " I find it not possible. I can not stand Drum loops or any of that because I feel it takes no true skill to simply hit a button 5 times throughout a song and call it music. Linkin Park is and will always be my favorite band, and true fans will go along with their change in music style. And who knows, maybe it will grow on some...But for me, Im going to wait to hear the entire album before I purchase.
I love "The Catalyst", and I love the fact that LP have changed their style. People have their own different tastes in music, and I'm not going to try and tell anyone what they should like. Some will like the new LP, others will prefer their older style, and some will become fans of LP because they have changed their style. I like techno/electro, and if LP want to experiment with their music by mixing some techno/electro into it, I see no problem with that. There's nothing that says that they have to stick to the Hybrid/Meteora sound. I love Hybrid Theory and Meteora, but I also love Minutes To Midnight, and I will probably love A Thousand Suns in its own way as well.
But this is just my own personal opinion. I'm sure there are many people who feel differently about all of this. But LP doesn't need to try to please their fans- as long as they do their best on each album, and are happy with the music they create, they can make whatever they want and change their style as many times as they wish. So...all I can say is...I guess I'm in for the ride.
I ilike every song by linkin park I do like the catalyst but it's not the best

Nguyen Hoang Minh said:
if you don't like the new song of LP, you're not the truth fans of LP. "The Catalyst" is a very meaningful song. Moreover, I love this new style of LP, it's awesome. Doesn't mean I don't love the old style, but the change of LP is great!! (P/S: If you don't need your ticket you buy, could you give me? :D :D)
the catalyst is an amzing song i fucking like it , the video is also amazing u cant expect from them to scream in all songs . Anyway album will have screams also like blackout
just 39 comment...and Linkin Park fans was million...Now million people say " The Catalyst is Good Song, Epic, etc."
in my country, Indonesia...many people like this song after The Catalyst video clip showed in TV.
and I don't think This song is bad song. it just your ears don't adapted to this song.

I just read a review made by member of LPU who come to studio and listen A Thousand Suns after all. They say, Wretched King(i don't know full title of that song) sounds like Hybrid Theory,Blackout(LPTV)is like Metal sound. Waiting For The End that will be 2nd single....all member of LPU who listen at studio say Waiting For The End is very cool, and epic..sound new but like old school. Because I think Linkin Park just want to Blend all genre to be one new genre that people can say : This is Linkin Park who made song by their own,

and one of LPU member said, The Catalyst is weaker song at ATS... ^^
THEY CANCELLED THEMSELVES !!! Whrere is the talent i´ve been hearing for the last decade? THE NEW ALBUM SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!
I don't know why you guys hate it so much. I can't say it's old school, but it's not totally techno and the lyrics are typical linkin park. you just have to let it grow on you. they still make songs like old. (Blackout and Waiting for the end.) The real song that worries me is Wretches and kings. The lyrics to it is very good and speaks to me like many of their songs, but the sound is troubling and very unlike LP. LP will always be my favorite band and I truily don't think the change is a lot to worry about. They just wanted a little change. Everyone does. I loved meteora, hubrid theory and MtM. But I'm excited for this album too. I can't say catalyst is their best work, but it's not bad either.

Lol you are funny dude.
Ecoute les Linkin park ont évolué, tout comme la musique aujourd'hui. Qui est plus electro. Ils ont été hyper intelligent car ils nous font un nouveau type de rock, (un rock + electro) ils changent totalement leur image.
Je pense que c'est une très bonne chose car cela montre réellement leur "évolution".
Tu sais ils ne vont pas garder a jamais l'image des jeunes adultes rebelles, c'est finit tout ça.
Maintenant ce sont des adultes et la ils se comportent en adultes.
Un conseil, écoute leur paroles et tu verras que la mélodie va parfaitement bien avec les paroles.
Peut être que toi tu n'as pas aime, mais sache que moi je fais surement parti de ces rares gens qui aiment leur nouveaux style et qui les encouragent a continuer comme ça.
J'avoue que quand je les aient écouter pour la première fois, j'ai eu un choque parce que je m'attendais pas du tout a ça, mais même pas au bon de quelques minutes j'ai finit par accrocher et j'ai adore.
Tout comme toi, je suis une fan des linkin park, je les écoute depuis leur tout début (depuis que j'ai 12 ans aujourd'hui j'en ai 20, malheureusement je ne suis jamais aller a un de leur concert... Bref ça ce n'est pas du tout important)

have a nice day.

Lily. D
This is not going to happen. IF you want hard rock then support your local Alex Mcmillan.
love linkin park,,guys cant wait for you to come to Mexico city¡¡¡¡¡¡

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