The new song of linkin park....THE CATALYST: not good song

HELLO I AM A BIG FAN, I am french, I have going 7 linkin park's concert, and I have a tickets for 4 date in Europe.

I have talking with french fans about a new linkin park song :THE CATALYST,  The song is not good , BIG DISAPPOINTMENT FOR US ALL

look that

these is 39 negative comment of big fan!!!


Don't make the electro, and tekno


please remember the neo-metal, please remember hybrid theory and METEORA, or M 2 Midnight,  but not  like THE CATALYST.

PLEASE .........................
Mickael H, a big fan

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hes not saying he doesnt like them anymore, hes saying they made a mistake choosing elctro/techno, but i agree with you to, change is a good thing, but not when your fan base is mostly rock, thatd be like if metallica did a gangster rap,

Isabelle LALOUANI said:
What the hell are you waiting for? The same kind of music over and over again and again? That would be boring in the end and you would say that there isn't any originality in their music any more, that their new songs are nothing but a copy of their previous songs and that you don't like LP anymore for this very reason!!!
The Catalyst sounds quite different in comparison to their other singles, but it's refreshing in the sense that it shows another part of their musical talent. Listen to the lyrics as well and then you can understand the message underneath the new sounds.
Et puis surtout arrête d'insulter ceux qui ne partagent pas ton opinion: on est encore en démocratie!!!

mickael said:
39,... now 81 comments, all negative, with the hope a come back to te rock for lp...
you are not clear
DO you like realy this new style?

your realy opignion, THE CATALYSTE is a very good song like DON'T STAY, crawling.... ? with honesty!
C'est sur, le problème c'est que beaucoup de personnes qui se disent FAN..... refusent d'accepter que cette musique est vraiment pas terrible...
La même musique avec un autre groupe et ces mêmes personnes diraient que cette musique est une merde !!!!!

Donc oui j'aime LP, oui tous leurs album y compris MTM m'ont toujours plu.... autant the CATALYST est une daube....

Voilà j'irai quand même au concert et applaudir ce très bon groupe quitte a en revanche être le seul à siffler "THE CATALYST !"

merci elgigante78

tout le monde peut faire une connerie, linkin park aussi. Ca sonne pas bon!
I have read a couple of reviews now and they said the same thing, this is a Techno song, but I consider it a song for a Video game, so it has to sound a certain way.
Sara Lobb said:
I have read a couple of reviews now and they said the same thing, this is a Techno song, but I consider it a song for a Video game, so it has to sound a certain way.

It wasn't written for a video game. It just happened to end up on one.
 First off, why would you  First off, LP is a hard rock group, with only a few songs actually reaching the status of Metal, and it's not techno at all, in literally no way. Finally they've always had electronic noises about them, they're style is unique. What make it that is that they mix a dj in to their alternative rock/hard rock songs with Hip Hop thrown in as well and honestly it's way to late for them to change songs on the album now anyways, so quit complaining.
 Not liking one song of a band doesn't mean your not a true band, that's basically devoting yourself to an extremity, basically like having a cheating girlfriend but you stay with her because your always there for her no matter WAT.

Nguyen Hoang Minh said:
if you don't like the new song of LP, you're not the truth fans of LP. "The Catalyst" is a very meaningful song. Moreover, I love this new style of LP, it's awesome. Doesn't mean I don't love the old style, but the change of LP is great!! (P/S: If you don't need your ticket you buy, could you give me? :D :D)
Exactly, you shouldn't be that devoted to anything.

Andra Lazarevic said:
But you have to draw a line somewhere. You don't stay with your girl knowing she had fucked half the city with no regret whatsoever
you guys seem to forget how much everyone HATED what I've done. Until the album came out and it made sense. After that moment it became a classic that thousands sang along to at their concerts.


thank you guys
The Catalyst is a GREAT song!! It's just different. That's all. I didn't like it from the 1st time too. But now I love it!!! :)
I have been a die hard fan of LP forever been to several concerts,(which I must say are amazing) however I listen to rock-alternative whatever u wanna call it these, although it is fine for an artist to change their style and do new things, that does not mean my taste and what I like will change with them. Everyone keeps saying if bands put out the same thing it gets old or boring, but Disturbed has not changed their style much at all and I still like everything they put out. (just an example) You know what you get with them you either like them or you dont. With this song its such a drastic change I am not feeling it, I am going to listen to the rest of the album and hopefully like some of it.

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