The number of redemptions for this code has been exceeded


I'm from Germany and today I recieved a Mail which say I've got access to the new Remix of the actual single "Burn It Down" From the upcoming Album "Living Things"... COOL! I thought and just tried to download it in the same moment on the way from my Cellphone... Guess what? It did not work -.-

Okay I thought "Wait till you get back home and try again"... Back home I tried and all the Page could say was "The number of redemptions for this code has been exceeded" -.-" :'(

I wan't to have this song! Could this be real? I've paid for this! I should have continous downloads... Where will I get the Song from now? I've got EVERY Album, a big bunch of Singles (Including Burn It Down ;)) and endless merch... And now this? Please help me! I want to have this song so HARD!

Sorry for my bad english :D

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Me too, just when I wanted to click download, I miss clicked and and canceled it (yeah call me stupid) and now I too can't re-download it. It doesn't even show up on the Warner Living things account. (Only the burn it down single) Please help!

I know it's to prevent piracy but still it's unfair that this remix download is kinda a "one-chance-only-if you screw it up- tough luck" download.

Why is everybody starting to panic... if you read the first e-mail you received, you will see that there is an e-mail address in it, where you can write back and ask for help. Just explain them what the issue is and they will help you...

I've wrote them... Till now NOTHING happened... :( Yeah I've already got the chance to listen to it, but i want to have it on my iPod and smartphone and so on to hear it everywhere I am...

Ok, where on the email does it give an email address to respond to? Because I got the same message & panicked, but after reading this, I went back & re-read my email, but all it says is do NOT reply to this email address as it is outgoing only & will not be responded to.

"If any of the above information is incorrect, please contact our customer service department by sending an e-mail to so we may accommodate your request."



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