Mike recently composed the score and soundtrack for the movie "The Raid: Redemption." Has anyone seen it? If so, what are your thoughts on the score and the movie?

Get the score & soundtrack at TheRaidSoundtrack.com, and see when The Raid is coming to a theater near you HERE.

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I thought the movie is not out yet? Are they even going to play it in European cinemas? I really want to see it! Also Mike said that the soundtrack should be released soon! Can't wait to purchase a CD. I've heard a part of it and it sounds awesome!... what a surprise :D

Damn the trailer looks good, will definitely buy this

Haven't seen the movie yet, but I really love the soundtracks! Dog Fight is awesome, with the drums in it :)

The soundtrack is great!

ya knw maaaaaaaaaann,,, its INDONESIAN film..........!
n it will boom my head at 23th march................!!!!!
n Im INDONESIAN..........^^
ITS bot SILAT(fighting) n KARATE(i guesss)......
n its bot DRUGGG..............
IN indonesia,, its called SERBUAN MAUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

great trailer and fantastic soundtrack.. like it..

Indonesian Film...

Serbuan Maut! It's sounds great!!!

i want to see it 

itz fucking awesome man........


I really love the soundtrack :-D,,,n cant wait to see the movie here on 23rd March
ooh damn...
this is a greatest movie I ever watch,,
yah, It's Indonesian film.. It's my country

Just to wait and enjoy.

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