Mike recently composed the score and soundtrack for the movie "The Raid: Redemption." Has anyone seen it? If so, what are your thoughts on the score and the movie?

Get the score & soundtrack at TheRaidSoundtrack.com, and see when The Raid is coming to a theater near you HERE.

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It officially came out in limited release today in LA and NYC.  Theatrical release is scheduled for April 13th.  I am definitely going to see this movie if not today then definitely this weekend.  While everyone is going to see Hunger Games (*cough rip off of Battle Royale *cough) I've been anticipating this since Mike first spoke about it.  Will give my review after seeing it.  Note to all, it is in Indonesian with subtitles.

when film arriving in Brazil  will  be casting The Raid2

I watched the movie yesterday, and I thought it was thrilling and awesome! And i love the score, too ;) Y'all need to watch this movie :D


I can't wait to see this movie!

Guys, its been 2 years since you have tour'd in England, London... please make a date and set one in that location! ROCK ON!

They were in London last year :D

It's Indonesia movie....

I'm so proud....

LP is awesome...

awesome soundtrack....


wen it will realease?

the soundtrack is awesome.....but i didn't watch movie yet. i hope it will great

man mike shinoda is the most talented artist in the world not to mention he's not bad on the eyes either! but for real lp yall seriously need to come back to kentucky!!! wanna c u guys in concert!!!

As Indonesian, I'm proud of it :)

As a girl who has learned silat (the martial art), I'm proud of it

As a linkin park fan, I'm proud of it :)

the movie is so tense from the begining till the end and the music is very match with the movie, mike is so awesome.. great movie and music into one..

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