Mike recently composed the score and soundtrack for the movie "The Raid: Redemption." Has anyone seen it? If so, what are your thoughts on the score and the movie?

Get the score & soundtrack at TheRaidSoundtrack.com, and see when The Raid is coming to a theater near you HERE.

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I'm so proud I lived in Indonesia, so I can see The Raid movie :D because The Raid movie is from Indonesia :)) It's so damn awesome movie I've ever seen that come from INDONESIA!!!!!

hmmm... so THE RAID hah???


mike is really awesome.................his music made the movie even better

woooow how great it is! it's movie from indonesia. big thanks to mike, i love your encoring music so much

I like it a lot :)

of course I know ..
It's Indonesian film ..
Great film ..
I'm proud of indonesia ..

i havent watched it but i know if mike is in this work it is great

Yeah I saw the movie! The music was aweomse just like the movie! Easily the most action packed movie I have ever seen and perfect music to go with. We saw the trailer and new straight away that it was Mike! The Best as they say!

I saw it!!!! :D super awesome action scenes! if you are a die hard action fan, you will be amazed if you see the movie! o yea and the music was amazing too :)

Its not coming to my neck of the woods but I have been finding some of the music and score of the film on Youtube. I like it. Hopefully I will be able to get it later on if it come out on dvd or downloads.

It is an awesome movie and the soundtrack is good too. You people should listen to Razors Out after the movie ends. It is very good song

i saw the german trailer....the film comes at the 12.7.12 in germany in the cinemas...the tailer was great...

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