okay the thing is we want to try to make a song about are feelings and about how we FEEL about the political shit...we all see it not peacefuly and i 4 one want my peace back i dont really care ...
1#i know its hard but bitaraf bashin ...just try to talk out the fact s and be true!!!

2#dont go on i'm a sabziiiiii NO! DONT DO THAT!

3#just talk about what u want. just write down what u feel...

4#i want it to be english but it can have a bit of farsi in it!!!
chize digei be zehnam nemireseee khodeton midonin baba....

just post ur lyrics es!!! i'll fix the gramer if it was wrong and hopefully we can dooo something awesome together!

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does it have any rap on it? I can do the rap part if any...but for a good one, it might take some time u know, cuz right now I'm workin on one other song too...
okay can rap ....i dont care just write down some lyrics when u find the time too and post it on here
But there's a basic question before we start: where do we get the song (instrumental song I mean) from??

As you folks know, Usually the song is created first, and the lyrics are fitted on the song, I mean their melody, tempo and about rap, its flow!
if we write the lyrics first, the melody is unknown, and there might be some problems with different lyrics, and different rhythms...

So I think before we start workin on it, we have to solve the basic problems! Thoughts??
LOL I just noticed something...

"2#dont go on i'm a sabziiiiii NO! DONT DO THAT!"

I don't think anyone here is a "sabziii", cuz you know vegetables do not usually use the internet!! :P =))
well a few mins ago i got a msg from zahra... but i didn get it well:D

i think she wants us write the lyrics and the problem of the other parts will be solved with the cooperation of her and her friend i guess!:D

well hawk, i really didn know that first they have the rhythm, melody i mean and then d lyrics!! lol:D but, u know more and u lead this flow! i hope it works....
thank you ZQ, but I still think we need to have a sample beat for the first step, at least!

BTW, I had some free time and I spit some rhymes last night, but this is INCOMPLETE, and may be edited later, I'm just puttin it here to warm things up (at least by makin you laugh at my silly bullsh!t :P)

and sorry for possibly breakin some of the rules above there, mostly about the first line!
and also the parts in brackets [ ] are not part of the lyrics...and wherever I say "you", I'm adressin myself & my life, so no prom if your life's not "disgustin", cuz mine IS!

F*** the dictator republic
I'm already too sick
every day
they'll have a new trick
And all you can do is to pick
dying or livin scared like a chick
and be careful of what you speak
or you'll have a bucket to kick [to kick a bucket means to die]
but it doesn't matter
when you're always bleak
so stand up and light up the wick
hear the clock tick
hear the walls click
time's runnin out like reek

Aren't you sick of believing?
sick of watching the leaders deceiving?
aren't you sick of trusting?
sick of the cops always busy busting?
sick of starin at the freedom
out the window, it's frosting
does my rhyme sound sarcastin'?
then take a look at your life!
don't you think it's a bit disgusting?
feel your dusted emotions rusting
in your darkness, it's crusting
how much's happiness costing?
lost inside the dull conditions
aren't you sick of adjusting?

so go open your window
and let the gust in
let it do a blast in
maybe it could backspin N erase the past
take back the outcast
and cure the bedfast...
[to be continued...and feel free to edit & improve it, no copyright! :D]
stop guys. . .
i think its compeletly irrelevant ...
this is linkinpark site not a political one so i think its better to find better subject 4 discution
anyhow hawk lyric is perfect
sara... : with all respect to what you said, this is not politics, this is art (I do NOT mean my sick rhyme, but the whole process of producing a song), and art deals with everything that human emotions deal with, and this site is about music, and creation, and art...and as Manya mentioned, this ain't all about politics, arright?
and thank you, but please don't call this perfect, it still needs much work, I've just spent about 30 mins on it...
of course u r right generally its good idea to construct a lyric about wat we hope to have
but i think if it countinue other start to talk about as u said vegetable and... and change the disscution completely, even one word is enough 4 filtering this site as well as others...
oookayyyy u ppl are starting to scare me...the last thinkg i want is this site going filtered!..uuuummm let me think about this a bit more...maybe we should just dooo email....ummm i loved hawks stuff i tink it speekes 4 its self u guys i have a demo and i'm redy to share it hawk seems to have some stuff .....thast good ....jeeeeezzzzz i'm really moved by sara's comment i really think shes right ....i dont know wht to doo ...shes kinda right.....let me think about this tonightX(
i meant no mosaviiiiiiiiiiii only thing

ThE BlaCK HaWK said:
LOL I just noticed something...

"2#dont go on i'm a sabziiiiii NO! DONT DO THAT!"

I don't think anyone here is a "sabziii", cuz you know vegetables do not usually use the internet!! :P =))
ummm i'm still thinking btw......


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