Linkin Park, there are many notable cities you still have yet to perform in.  To name a few: Seattle, San Antonio, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., and Nashville are just a few of the many cities you have yet to visit. Please don't cut the tour short just to focus on the new album. Thank you

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Sorry guys, but you have to make up your mind. What do you want: more concerts or a new album?! I definitely think that a new album and a tour afterwards would be 10 times better then touring for 1 more year and starting the work in the studio afterwards. If you really like LP and I think you do, because you are on (teehee) just accept the fact that they are not responsible for the places they are touring and that maybe they love spending more time with their families and friends. If I were a rock star, I wouldn't want to tour 24/7, it is exhausting...  It is good that you made this discussion, hoping that someone would see it... if they do, then nice job! If not.. meh... just keep the hope ;) I just don't see the sense of comparing to Nickelback and U2.

About the D.C. show... that really sucks and I hope for you that they will reschedule it ;)

I would definitely rather have more concerts than a new album. They just released a new album last year, and I didn't like it anyway. Besides Linkin Park is to the point where they can just tour with the music they already have and put on a phenominal show.

we love you from Cleveland and wish that you add us to the tour. its not like Cleveland is the Rock and Roll city of the country considering the Rock and Roll hall of fame is in Cleveland. PLEASE COME TO CLEVELAND   ITS BEEN 5 YEARS SINCE YOU HAVE LAST BEEN IN CLEVELAND

30 Seconds to Mars hold the record for 309 shows after they released "This is War:

Rositsa Ivanova (Mod) said:

This doesn't change my opinion, but thanks for the info.

Brenen Ostler said:
Correction....Nickelback did 107 U.S. shows in the Dark Horse tour.

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