Linkin Park, there are many notable cities you still have yet to perform in.  To name a few: Seattle, San Antonio, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., and Nashville are just a few of the many cities you have yet to visit. Please don't cut the tour short just to focus on the new album. Thank you

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You cannot expect them to tour every city. Of course there are many cities they have yet to visit, but still... There are even whole countries they've never been to. It doesn't really depend on the band where they are going to tour anyway. And to be honest they need time for themselves and also for the new album. I guess they won't tour exactly the same places next time, but there is actually not much you or anyone from us can do about this,
It's not that I expect them to hit EVERY city, but the CLOSEST they came to me was 6 hours away. And since Linkin Park's biggest fanbase is in the United States, I think they should be touring the U.S. more. They only did 23 shows in the U.S. I think Nickelback did like 70 something on the Dark Horse tour. I don't know though, hopefully the cities that missed out will be included on the next tour.

Well, I totally understand you, but still.. think this way.. There are so many fans in India for example, waiting for them to visit. I also had to travel to another country in Europe to see them, because they are just not touring my country, but still.. if you want to see them, get on the train/plane and you will see them.  They have fans all over the world and I believe they want to treat all their fans all over the world equally. The fanbase in the United States could be much bigger, but imagine them visiting 70 cities in America, 15 in Europe and 15 in Asia. People living on the other continents would feel worse than you do. Still... I got your point and I totally understand you. ;)

Correction....Nickelback did 107 U.S. shows in the Dark Horse tour.
This doesn't change my opinion, but thanks for the info.

Brenen Ostler said:
Correction....Nickelback did 107 U.S. shows in the Dark Horse tour.
Well do you mind me asking what country you live in? Because I can't see Linkin Park having a lot of fans anywhere other than North America, Europe, and Austrailia.
I live in Bulgaria, I went to school in Austria and the concerts I went to were the 1. about 200km from where I live and the 2. in Germany, Hamburg - 1h and 30min by airplane from my city.. Both times there were lots of fans. The one in Austria was a festival and the whole field was full of people and in Germany the concert hall was full as well. I gave you as an example India, because I know that there are really many fans there, there is even a fan page with enough members. People have even started making videos about how much they love LP, asking them to go visit their country.
That's insane about the India thing. It's just hard for me to imagine people in India listening to Linkin Park, but I hope they make their way around there. Anyway, if I had the money to fly and see them I would. But I'm 18 :(
I'm 18 as well, I just found a job and saved money.
And about India (this is like an advertisement for them already) they even got an app for iPhone/iPod Touch
I had tickets for the Wash D.C which got canceled. It was going to be my 10 year olds first concert, LP is his favorite! Big disappointment that they did not reschedule given the gap between the US and Europe shows. U2 canceled a whole leg of their tour and rescheduled every one and more, by the way saw it 3 times - THE BEST !!!. LP please try to come back to Wash D.C, my son is waiting.
Yeah I love U2. They made sure their fans were all satisfied by the end of the tour, even if it took a year later (saw them in concert I've ever seen!). And Linkin Park had a 3 month gap between the U.S. and Europe leg, so there's no reason they couldn't have continued the tour or rescheduled the cancelled dates. U2 did more shows than Linkin Park and they're playing stadiums.
And about the India thing, they would probably lose more money than gain if they played there.  They can't sell those tickets for the same prices as European and North American shows.

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