Their style of music today is not what it used to be.... That's because they are under the pressures of the music industry.. Pity, they chose this direction for themselves and placed money over their fans... For me, Linkin Park changed their music style since the Minutes to Midnight album after the collaboration Album with Jay-Z. I'm disappointed that a band that i grew up listening to and ran around showing everybody has gone so far off the path... I can't really say that I feel the lyrics that they are using now but I can say that I truely miss those days of Hybrid Theory and Meteora, and that the lyrics produced then were of more meaning too me than what todays lyrics. If there were any slight possible way that any band member of the band reads this then try and consider releasing just one album that has music like the above mentioned albums and just let us know that you are still there!!!!! be that one band that goes back to their old style even if just as a once off album and watch your true fans re-emerge!!

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I have to completely disagree. I've never heard an album like ATS, so I can't call it selling out. It's in fact the second best conceptual album I've ever heard, the first being Abbey Road. I get some fans miss their old music, but their new stuff live is phenomenal, it's a shame you're not a fan; you're really missing out! I can't see them going back to their Hybrid Theory/Meteora stuff, at least not permanently. But I'm really interested to hear all of 'Living Things'. Roll on 26/6/12!

Totally agree with you, Kenny;)

I have to agree with you. Although I think the new music is good too, but I miss the old sound of Linkin Park. I have all the albums and Hybrid Theory and Meteora are played the most.

I would love to see an album like Hybrid Theory!

27-05-2012 Linkin Park is coming to The Netherlands, I hope to see a great performance like Project Revolution! I will be on front!

If this is the path that Linkin Park have choosen then we should embrace and respect it! If Linkin Park went back into doing their old stuff for the fans but aren't any longer confortable with the type of genre, then they will be producing music with no effort put in (which really does tick people off) because they didn't like that choice any more!

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