Hey People.


I have recently listened to the new album and I am fiarly dissapointed as there are really only 3 songs that stand out. I am also sorry to say that for this reason I will not be purchasing the new album.


I have made this discussion to hear peoples thoughts and hopefully get Linkin Park to go back to there original sound that I fell in love with.


I also would like to see who else also see this my way or even who believes this is the greatest album ever.

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I must admit when i first put on my long waited CD i was in a bit of doubt, but after listening to it a few times i really love it!
If you listen to the lyrics and rythm of the songs you will see a new and different style, but still you got their great voices trying to sing a message and something valid to me :) I think that it's great that they are trying out some new features and new ways of making songs and i think that most of the songs stand out unique in each way :)

Put on a headset and listen to every little detail of the songs. write back and tell me how you feel about it then :)

Regards Anders Løvschal
I like the old Linkin Park, but I also like the new Linkin Park.. I believe that the best artists take risks with their sound and don't stick with what they know works... They experiment.. It may succeed, they may fail.. but they do try so that they don't keep delivering the same sound over and over.

In this case, Linkin Park took a huge risk with "A Thousand Suns."

I listened to it the first time through, and I liked it, but didn't love it.. But I don't think you can truly appreciate the music until you listen to it again... so I did. The album grew on me and I'm personally glad they took the risk. I haven't gotten bored of it yet, and I've listened to it about 5-6 times through already.

Of course there are songs that stand out among the others.. but I think that you can't truly appreciate the experience unless you listen to the whole album through.. aka The Full Experience.
I do like the old Linkin Park, and I hope to hear music like that of Hybrid Theory again.. but I honestly don't mind the new Linkin Park.
I agree fully with Eric!

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