Thoughts on Chester joining the Stone Temple Pilots???

News broke the other day that Chester would be joining the Stone Temple Pilots, replacing Scott Weiland on vocals. Linkin Park has yet to comment on the move, but it's been officially announced by the Pilots already. So I was wondering what everyone thinks of this?

First of all, Chester isn't leaving Linkin Park. He's now the frontman for both bands. So Linkin Park fans have nothing to worry about, right? Well, I am not at all a fan of the move to join the Pilots. Chester said that plans for an album and a tour with the Pilots were underway. Considering the time frame that it takes for a band to make a new album from scratch and tour in support of the album, it's safe to say Linkin Park is off the map for the rest of 2013, and a good amount of 2014. Maybe Linkin Park play some festivals in 2014, but for the next year or so, it seems Chester will be committed to STP. Therefore, there's no way Linkin Park would be able to put out a new album and tour in 2014. This saddens me to think they might not be back on tour until 2015.

I do like the Stone Temple Pilots a fair amount, even enough to go see them on tour with Chester. But Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands. I saw them last year on the Honda Civic Tour, which was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I can't wait to be able to re-live that again! I wish Chester would have declined the offer to join STP and allowed them to find someone else.

Chester said he grew up being a huge fan of the Stone Temple Pilots, so I understand the decision to join the band from his point of view. But the next year and a half appears uncertain for Linkin Park, and I'm not sure what his plans for Linkin Park were when he decided to join the Pilots.

So with this said, what does everyone else think?

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 I couldn´t have said it better myself. 

Simply I hate it what Chester doing -__- He belongs to LP he made Linkin park tattoo on his back everything he became is because this guys & LP & one group & one soul to name Linkin Park , & doesn't we he grew Up with he has a band he shouldn't leave it i mean he's not leaving but helping another band it's kinda not seems good :3 

Linkin Park is doing more concerts this year. It doesn't take long for them to write their albums so it shouldn't take long with STP either. I think it's a good thing because it allows Chester to flow to different types of music and perhaps that could be in favor of LP. Linkin Park is perfect in every way but in some interviews, they state that they want to expand their sounds and experiment with the music, which they had proven with their previous albums after Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight. The tour doesn't mean Chester would put off Linkin Park, he would always put LP first, which was proven with his previous side project, Dead by Sunrise. The reason for DBS only having one album was because he didn't know where his songs should go and because there isn't more albums for DBS proves he put his songs to LP, putting them before his other band. I'm sure he'd do the same thing weather it involves Dead by Sunrise or Stone Temple Pilots.

главное ,что он не покинет Линкин Парк...А так конечно пусть реализовывается... И запишет наконец своё имя в историю... я за его решение!!!!!

Jon Bennington said:

Chester singing STP songs sounds like .... Chester singing STP songs. The new song with Chester sounds like Chester singing STP songs ...

I for one hate that LP only plays near my home 1 (or if I am fortunate) 2 concerts every 3 years - with him committing time to be in the studio with STP(ark), LP, and eventually DBS again we will see less concerts by LP and DBS - if you are a fan of STP(ark) you will see even less of LP live in your areas. Chester can not tour with LP in Europe while STP(ark) is touring in Asia or America. You will NOT see LP singing your fav STP(ark) songs live, as their record company will not allow it. The same will be true when Chester is with STP(ark) you will not here LP songs performed by STP(ark) for this same legal excuse.

Now that I have established that the ONLY winner in all this confusion is Chester's bank account.... I have to ask myself ... when does Chester get to be a husband and a father ..... even his family will see less of him, as he will have legal obligations that demand he be one place or another, all the time. The Chester candle is burning from both ends - it can not last all night - even though it seems to cast a beautiful light .....

I for one prefer Chester to stay in LP and if he has this much extra time ... do more tours as LP so we do not have to wait 3 years between shows to see them live .... is this me asking for too much or is this Chester showing his true love is not his children - not his wife - not his LP band mates and most of all not US the fans that SPEND OUR MONEY to see them , hear them , and own their swag they sell on line, and at their too few concerts .... but this is Chester showing his true love - MONEY !?!?!

Chester... Is... I think, the base of Linkin Park. And I've read his history on Wikipedia, It shows that it is the only Linkin Park that gave him the chance to show his talent as well as to make up himself economically. And also that he has passed many years of his life with linkin park, he shouldn't have to leave Linkin park or engage himself with another band. Or he must support Linkin park, as it supported him in his bad times. I don't thin "English American Rock band, Linkin Park" will remain "English, American rock Band Linkin Park" if he leaves. I'm not in favor of his leaving. Wish he could give up his intentions related to this. Thank you

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