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I like this song..

Jacrid said:
You can hear Mike singing the second voice if you listen to it closely. But it's too quiet...
thank you.
i listened.i think its ok.
TBH i dont think its theyre best work... there are parts about it i like but its just not my cup'o tea :).... on the other hand the whole idea is awesome and we should try to get D2D as a trending topic on twitter
like this
Not Alone should be released as a single... it would get so much more attention and support.

Love it
I have gotta to say, it is a beautiful song. The video was very inspirational. I liked Mr. Hahn's inclusion also, it gives me great hopes for the album. The song came together wonderfully and is one of the better (slower) songs I have heard from LP. Very melodic for a wonderful cause! I can't help but feel for those going through turmoil in Haiti. God Bless!
It beats most of the pop songs from MTM, in my humble opinion.
Rob's drumming is kick ass as always.
Mike always adds a nice touch with the backing vocals.
And I'm sooooo glad to hear some Joe scratching!
Of course Brad, Phoenix, and Chester did an amazing job as well.
I love the song and the music video. It shows what happen to Haiti and how hard LP is working to help them. I'm glad LP is a kind band.
love this song
It was really awesome
Not Alone is a shocking disappointment. All round not a good song, they've gone away from their successful sound of their first two albums and created more pusssy crap like their minutes to midnight album which only had one good song which was given up. They need to resort back to their old style and stop trying to create another genre... crap. Their new album better not follow suit of Not alone. Though good on them for helping Haiti
I like the lyrics -_-

Adam Phillips said:
I love it, and think live it will sound even better with hope that Mike does a melody with it live. So that he and Chester do a duet so to speak. But regardless it appears everything these guys touch turns to gold. The next album is going to be awesome regardless of whether this is an indication of the next album.

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