God help us cause were all searching for a way to fix our own bridge of innocence

We all don't want to be left so helpless

Breaking apart from the mistakes that had made us feel so selfish

Oh will we ever know the pureness of whats selfless?


Running through the trenches during the dawn

Trying to get around the fences with this loaded gun

Where can we run as we are unsure to where we are going

Are we still on the ground or shall we soon be floating above

Will we ever find the answers cause we only wish to be covered in a sheet of love


Cut the ropes that have been made you struggle for so long

Sometimes we just wanna be gone so we can walk all over this difficulty without hesitation

Erase all the frustration so you can sent yourself away back into the light

Have we tried or have we not tried hard enough?

Don't shove too harshly

Keep continuing to believe that you can see through this sight

Through this sight

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wonderful flow... and ideas! keep it up! :)

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