£40 for a ticket is a disgrace. how do you expect the younger fans to go at these prices £120 + booking fees for 3 people to go is just wrong. Go ahead and flame if you want you know i'm right and just in what i've said.

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So do you not like LP
£40 is cheap, ACDC was £70 per ticket, and Nickelback was around that, so I think £40 is a bargin, you pay more for a Premiership match, (lowest premiership tickets are £35). I am paying £20 for Biffy Clyro, who are not a huge band, and if you go and see any concert at the Eden Project, ie Paula Nutrini you are paying £35, and I know whom I prefer to see!
considering that you can pay £140 + for a 3 day festival with alot of top bands playing i.e download.. sonisphere £40 is still too much and yes i do like linkin other wise i wouldn'nt be on here...also you try telling my son and his friends that £40 is cheap i think i know what they say to that.
to be truthfull i think prices are so high because they are only playing a handful of gigs trying to get the same amount of cash as if they we're doing a proper tour.
at first, I thought 40 quid was a harsh price. Then I decided one day to see Stereophonics, which cost 40 quid and have to say, it was the best 40 quid I have ever spent.

Now with LP coming to Birmingham in November (closest gig to Swansea), then I am more than willing to splash out 40+ quid again, knowing that the band I am about to witness are THE best band that I have listened to.

Splash the cash - you know you want to!
ha ha ha 40 pounds - thats about 50,- euro -
i paid 98,- euro for 1 ticket in köln, 56,- euro for 1 ticket in stuttgart and 80,- euro for 1 ticket in frankfurt.
i think the prices are ok.
I spoke to one of my collegues who is a big gig goer and he said £40 was very reasonable, he is paying about the same to see Gas Light Anthem, and he paid £80 to go to Edinburgh last year to see Simple Minds. I guess you need to stick to the festivals. I personally won't complain paying £40 to see one of the best live bands in the world.

Not when it costs me £27 to see a looser football team (Plymouth Argyle), or £70 to watch england play rugby!
£40 is perfectly reasonable for a band of LP's stature.
£120 divided by 3 is still £40 each, so....

parklife said:
to be truthfull i think prices are so high because they are only playing a handful of gigs trying to get the same amount of cash as if they we're doing a proper tour.

They're are only a handful of gigs announced, not the only gigs they're playing. This will be a world tour in support of the new album and more dates will be announced as time goes by.
And again, £40 is not expensive. Metallica in Belfast were £45-£55 last month. £40 is very reasonable.
I was a little taken back by the price increase, but it's worth it. Over the years I've paid very varied prices for LP tickets, even as little as £10 when they played the legendary Rock City gig during 2003, but the longer a bands career gets, the higher price they charge for tickets. They don't do it just because they can, but more like a well deserved pay rise, and these guys deserve it! Don't forget they have to split all their profits between 6 of them. They've been touring for almost 10 years now, this is a reasonable price.

If this was for a club gig, then £40 would be ludicrous, but LP will be spending a lot of the money on making the arena stage look amazing, and putting on a show that isn't just the band playing for 90 minutes. Pyros and video screens are not cheap!

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