To all the haters,

Hi , my name is Andy,I'm from Cyprus.and I'm 14 years old.I have been listening to Linkin Park for almost 2 years.And I love them.Their new album is dope.I only got 3 CDs of them but I have the whole discography on my PC.

Some of you say it's sh*t. You say you want another album like Hybrid Theory and Meteora. You say Linkin Park is crap now because they changed their style. Don't you guys get it?? They are getting older! Chester can't have the same scream as he had 10 years ago!! If they make always the same kind of music like HT or Meteora, it will start to get boring! They have to make new stuff!

So please, cl and enjoy Linkin Park as they are!

There is no OLD LP.



Peace out.

(iTunes Festival was very awesome :)) I was there, 1st line! handshaked with Chester and Mike <3 ) 

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I listen to it 100000x times, it's good, but i know that it can be better. And i'm feeling sad becouse of that... :(

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