I'm still waiting for some information as to why I could not sign in to the pre-sale for the last tour! One person tried to help, but she could not find out why I kept getting a message stating that I did not have proper rights to access.  I upgraded my LPU9 account and I did the test link that stated that my account was upgraded.  I have access to the LPUnderground.com site so why did my credentials fail when trying to access the pre-sale.  I tried on both days of the pre-sale.  I also tried purchase the LPU priced VIP, but I got the same message.


Now, I receive an email stating that my LPU is about to expire and here's how I can re-up.  Well, to hell with you TopSpin.  I'm not going to sign back up for such shoddy service.  Their customer service sucks.  Why would I want to re-up to a service which has yet to give me an explanation for the service failure?


I hope no one has the experience I have been having.  I post this message hoping the band might tell TopSpin to get their act together because I'm not coming back unless positive changes are made.


P.S. to the band (I hope they eventually read this):  I love the music you guys create.  I met you guys at a meet and greet and was completely beside myself.  Thank you for that opportunity.  I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot, and I apologize for that.  I'll continue to follow you guys for a long time.  Mike, thanks for Kenji on The Rising Tied album; my Mom's family was interned and that song really means a lot to me.

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you say you have access to the lpunderground.com site (that site is no longer in existence), but the better question is do you now have access to the http://lpu.linkinpark.com site?


Unfortunately you might not be the only one experiencing this, but the band won't tell Topspin on your behalf.  

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