Hey all LP Underground members - just wanted to hear from any and all people that may have received any more news about the M & G's happening in North America.  Just wanted to know if anybody has any more information or has been chosen yet to attend.  I am located in Toronto and will be going to the Feb.08.2010 concert and I am really excited to be going!  I got my tickets from TopSpin Media already in the mail and I RSVP'd as instructed when I got access to the information. 


So, just wondering if anybody can chime in on when or how they get in contact with you about the M & G's  - also would like to know when I should stop waiting for any or all news about these opportunity.


I guess on an side note, I was just wondering if anybody knows what kind of camera you can bring to an LP concert?


Thanks very much - hoping for some news!



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Hey Jeremy,

Not a single thing...other than the email that they sent on Friday telling me that I am going....

Holding my breath....


I keep checking my email...I get notifications of replys and emails from friends all over on LP.com but nothing official.

At least, I can check in with my iphone once in a while. 

Once I do get something I will post it on here!


Take care and see you at the show tonight!!!!




@ Jeremy - I got the information for the M & G.  Check you email!


hey nicholas!


add me n my wife on fb if ya have it! tons of pix ul now, plus id love to see what pix  you got! i was 2 peeps back from the fronmt on the floor, managed to get a pic and a drum stick :-) Jeremy Mahn and Julie Hoffarth-Mahn on fb!


what a insane nite!

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