anyone know who will tour in 2012?

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Once anything is announce, you will be able to find the info in "tour"
If you're talking outside of Linkin Park, Nickelback and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are touring next year for sure. And hopefully Linkin Park of course.
This year they came to Italy and I did not go because I'm an idiot ... I hope in next year
are they coming to Poland ? please, say yes!! :)
Well Nickelback hasn't released their dates yet. Red Hot Chili Peppers is about to start touring Europe. They don't have any Poland shows, but they have five shows in Germany.
ough, not good :( i'm sad, because i can't go to Germany ;(

Yeah I don't know why but Poland seems to be avoided by a lot of tours

I Hope they played next year in Munich , i want to go to my first lp concert xD .
Hungary wants LP!!!!But I know,it is just a dream...

Please go to the Czech Republic to Prag :)

Aren't they working on an album at the moment tho???I think Chester said he'd be shocked if a new album wasn't out by 2012!and they hope to churn out an album every 18 months!so it would be awesome if they could fit in some touring in the meantime!!Please come to Ireland!!!!!!!!

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