Making a petition for makin a tour of Linkin Park in Serbia!!!

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LMAO good luck
yes, we want LP in Serbia :)
I was just thinking the same thing . I was always thinking , WILL LP EVER COME TO SERBIA  ? You've pretty much been everywhere in the world , so come to Serbia now ,  Thousands of Fans await :))
LP in Serbiaaa, yeah! :D
c'mon guys only 5 replies? gees.... WE WANT LP IN SERBIAA!!!
It would be nice

O.K.. I vote too... We want LP in Serbia !!

Billy Idol was there, Rolling Stones, Korn ,Bad Religion too, why not Linkin Park !!??


of course! I'f they could bring Amy Winehouse who didn't even sang why couldn't they bring LP!

Come to Serbia!

We want LP in Belgrade! :)

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