Hey sorry to bother everyone but what i don't understand is: last year in 2010 before Linkin Park came to Australia (where I'm from) they went to London and after Australia,  Europe. If they went there in 2010 and are now back in 2011 why don't they come back to Australia again (when they were her last i wasn't a LPU member so now that i am i REALLY wanna go to a Meet and Greet) PLEASE respond i really wanna know thank you and sorry again for bother you :)

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Look, your situation is exactly the same as the one many other people find themselves in. You want them to come back to Australia, just like I want them to come to Bulgaria, people want the to come to India, Ukraine, but there is not much to understand. I am totally happy that you are at least asking why they are not coming. The reason is that they have to organize things and you may never know what they are planing. It all depends on their management. Australia might be close to Asia (where they are going to tour next month), but think about little things like transporting equipment and so on. They have said it so many times.. they would love to go to every country, but it is sometimes just impossible. I guess people in Europe might be able to go to more concerts than people in Asia for example, because the distances are shorter, that's also why the band can be in Germany on one day and in France on the other. The London - Australia thing: they said they have equipments not only on one place. During the Europe tour they had some in Russia as well, because of the Transformers premier, but I doubt that they have the same in Australia. But you had a summit there right? And also enough concerts? Do not be sad that they are not coming to your country this year. I guess they will be back on the next tour ;) If all those things I just typed sound confusing to you, then you got it right! It IS complicated :D anyway.. you will just get a M&G someday and trust me, as a person who has been waiting for years to even go to one concert, I can tell you that it is totally worth the waiting!
haha thank you very much :) that really made my day and yes there was a Summit in Sydney (i didn't go cause im not from Sydney) and when they came here in 2007 i wasn't allowed to go because my mum said i was to young and when i went last year i wasn't allowed in the mosh so where i was sitting i could hardly see anything :/ but it was still one of the best nights of my life :D thanks for giving me hope xxx
Aww, well trust me you will see them ;) I guarantee you, maybe it was better that they didn't let you mosh xD next time maybe ^^ I guess you can't make it to the summit in Tokyo either =\ too bad, but who knows maybe there will be another one close to you ;) just keep the hope, just like I did and still do hehe
hahah yeah hopefully my mum will let me :P

Baah, let me talk to her if she doesn't want to let you go :P I'll indeed manage to convince her ;)


Good on you, Rositsa ;D

Rositsa Ivanova said:

Baah, let me talk to her if she doesn't want to let you go :P I'll indeed manage to convince her ;)


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