Hey guys, I wonder what LP song will be next to feature in transformers 3 in 2011 I'm so excited!!! :D wat do u guys think?

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wut. Blackbirds is not from any album, its from 8-bit rebellion

Lava Kusha Boyaz said:
I believe it could be Blackbirds, since there will be Aerialbots and Decepticon seekers also there will be a major battle between the Combaticons Bruticus Maximus against Superion.

I believe its Blackbirds mainly cos its the first single out frm thier album and I visualized the trailer with the song. It kinda clicques. SO LP make it Blackbirds. In fact, Blackbirds is a smashing title.
Actually, Blackbirds is not made just for 8-bit Rebellion. It was just a free thingy for the game just so LP enthusiast, fans and gamers get something for the hard work of playing the till the finish. Its just a reward thingy.

BB is supposed to be yet another track in the ATS album. I hope LP puts BB from ATS into TF3,
If you x understood what i said read the glossary below. :)

BB = Blackbirds
ATS= A Thousand Suns
TF3 = Transformers 3
LP = Linkin Park....duhh...

Hope this clears all.
Take care....duh...
I think maybe it will be the catalyst or something from a thousand suns cuz it would be kinda hard to do a new abum And a new single
Linkin Park is LIFE for me. No Linkin Park=No Life XD. Hope they kick some more ass, and hope they kick stupid pop ass in the billboard hot 100. Last I've heard, The Catalyst was at 89 on hot 100. YaYY LP. Go kick some more A$$ show popheads what music is ABOUT. So, I really can't wait to see what songs are going to be as soundtracks, but of course I'll love them. @(*_*)@ hehe, it's a monkey.
I hope they do a song for the new movie, the song in revenge of the fallen was bad ass,
Allrighty, just got the Album Thousand Suns...Catalyst video is already out. I dont think it can be Catalyst.
The more I hear on the tracks, it cud boy ROBOT BOY, since its just freakin obvious name...or it could be Wretches and Kings.

Who Knows? But still...I guess Blackbirds is still great, and I dont understand why either Blackbirds and Lockjaw never made it to the album....Any answers LP ? or Mr Rubin ?
Linkin Park should definitely write a new song for Transformers 3. New Divide from Transformers 2 was good, it would be cool if "The Catalyst" is featured in the next Transformers movie.
Linkin Park song in Transformers 3 !! I very want :D
"The Catalyst" most likely...
Mike said that they won't work on Transformers 3 soundtrack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc-ur0kru4Y 21:17

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