Hey guys, I wonder what LP song will be next to feature in transformers 3 in 2011 I'm so excited!!! :D wat do u guys think?

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Allright, FYI...I just wanted to scrap my ol Idea of putting Blackbirds in the forefront. It is a nice song, but Yup..I dont think its made for Transformers Dark Of The Moon.

Since NOW Ive also seen BOTH trailers....yep..FYI, there are NOW 2 Trailers.


1) The first was the one with astronauts in the moon discovering a UNICRON looking type of bot.

2) the second was like this, we see "Paramount" first, then we see an entire highway ripped open in the middle, and floating space ships in the background with some UFO looking fighters zooming by fades, sam is looking back at the devastation in the highway inside a car, 7-1-11, some parachuters jumping out a helicopter in the background a blown up helicopter goes down, Ironhide and two jeeps crash frontal in a road as the crashing cars transforms in thier respective robot forms (Kewl Scene), Bumble bee holds his head with both hands in horror ( I think either sam or some autobot dies) meanwhile high up in a backgorund a Floating space cruiser (WHOA! ), Quote "EARTH", New York Skylines and we see several floating space cruisers all blasting away the buildings (KABLOOIE!), We see some kinda bot donno whether its scorponok or mebbe Soundwaves tentacles...or mebbe some bots crashing and rolling, Quote "GOES DARK", A dragon looking type of bot flies down to a car, Tyrese and sam gets up from a road Prime's legs standing in the back, a car flips sidewards in the background foreground we see our new cute Main Actress looking horrified, The we see a battleground we can see mudflap and skids in the low lefthand corner I think he blasts Bumblebee ( HMM TRAITORS !!! ) and Prime with some blue coloured jet pack flies down, As prime lands he blasts with his blaster and takes out his swords twisting round and round, he blasts and last scene we see him slash a decepticon in half OMG !( DANNNG!!! Prime is at his Prime again! ), TITLE " Transformers Dark of the moon, cast list, 7-1-11 in Real D 3D and IMAX3D This flim is not yet rated.


Great looking Teaser...Neways : About the Track list I think BURNING IN THE SKIES should be in the Soundtrack.

Doesn't matter as long as LP sing the OST for transformers 3


RY: Are you working on the soundtrack for Transformers: Dark of the Moon?
CB: I don’t know if I’m at liberty to tell you yet [winks]. But it looks promising. I think we go hand in hand with those films. A lot of our younger fans call us the Transformers band.


I ran into this interview with Chester (Feb 24,Vegas), so I think what he is saying here means they are gonna make sth new for Transformers 3,uh?

Waiting for the end I think xD
im thinkin when they come for me would work good with TF3

Most likely the Catalyst or Waiting for the End. But i think the catalyst because not only is it such an amazing song, but it also ties in well cuz theres a transformers war going on and the song talks about many things involving freedom and saving. Plus its inspiring.

They might not make another song because when MTM came out, transformers chose What I've Done and LP didn't make that song for Transformers but for their album.

is there any confirmation on the new transformers 3 theme tune ? i really hope its linkin park :(
They should do points of authority or place for my head,
Hybrid theory and Metora were the great albums. :)

Transformers is  awesome with a LP song........So there is a need of LP song in Transformers dark Of The Moon.........


A new song is needed.
Update: Linkin Park has recently created a remix of "Iridescent" for the new Transformers 3: Dark Moon movie. Not exactly an intense song, but it could work out in the movie.

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