So, I live in TN and purchased the tickets for the Atlanta Georgia show, since I didn't see one in TN. Was just wondering if anyone else is traveling to see them as well?

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I am traveling pretty much across Canada to see them!!!
Yes, we are traveling from Vancouver, WA to San Diego, CA to see them.  My 13 yo son LOVES them and for his 13th bday I bought him tickets.
Meee!! Traveling from Hermosillo, Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona!! Probably 10 to 14hrs on bus, and i'm going alone, since my sister would be moving a month before of the concert to Spain, and none of my friends have money to pay for the trip, so, just me, alone, but i don't care if i'm alone, i have been waiting for almost 12 years to see them live!!
Going from Calgary Alberta to Las Vegas!
I'm going to the Vegas and San Diego shows then back to the Bay area (where I live) for another one.
Yup I'm flying from Calgary to London then driving to Toronto to see them! :)

Awesome! Glad to see I'm not the only one traveling! This will be my first time seeing them live and I'm pretty excited. Haha. It will be about a 5 hour drive in my car. I'll also be waiting in line, cause I want to be as close as possible!


Also, Ivelisse, I'm going alone on mine as well. xD Let's hope we both make it our concerts ok!

Oh yes, I will be traveling to see them.  I'll be flying down to either LA or San Jose, but I'm not sure which show yet.  They haven't been to Seattle since 2007, so I always fly to wherever they'll be.  Last time I saw them was at Epicenter in Pomona, CA in 2009.
I live in Los Angeles. I flew to Adelaide Australia to see them in 07 for the minutes to midnight tour. I bought tickets at the pre-sale then I bought my Qantas ticket. Then I bought an Australian M2M poster and had them autograph it on the meet in greet. Spoke to Phoenix and told them I was on vacation and he drew a halo over his face on the poster. They are so cool to their fans.

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