I'd like to know what happens to the video footage that gets taken at each concert.  My wife and I were right at the front at the Adelaide concert on Dec 9th and we had the cameras right near us.  To see this footage would be amazing and we'd get to re-live the concert when ever we wanted.  I know it's cool when a DVD gets released of a concert, like live in Texas, but I think that if the guys are going to the trouble of filming each gig they should make videos available to LPU Members, like the live MP3 downloads.  We'd be willing to pay ofcoarse because we love LP so much.  So how about it guys?  Because, I just don't want to have to wait another three years.

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I agree. I was under the impression that was the plan. I went to the concert in SLC on Feb 25th and there was a sign saying to text a number with a specific code and then it will ask for your email address so they can send you info on how to access the footage but I was never sent any information in my emails.

I agree that would be awesome! I'm guessing they use it to watch and criticise the guys and also for fan videos and what not? I'm not sure.


The text a code thing was for the audio download but not the video.

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