Today we premiered the music video for "Waiting for the End." It was an opportunity to experiment with pushing the digital envelope as it pertains to the visual language created thus far for A Thousand Suns. It was my attempt to digitally crush us to the point that you feel the soul of the music through what has become the essence of us. We become the ghosts in the machine. Some may say that because of technology, we lose a sense of who we are. I counter that by illustrating that we can get closer to who we are if we sift through the noise. If this sounds like it's too 'out there,' just ignore what I said and enjoy the pretty pictures. Let me know what you think here.

If you haven't seen it, here's a link.


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Well. To start off, I would just like to give you kudos for creating an amazing album. I will be honest in saying that it took some getting used to, but my favorite part was that I couldn't stop listening. The whole concept of the album was nothing expected and totally a new experience. I've loved you guys since I was a kid. I grew up on Hybrid Theory, and I must say, watching you guys evolve has been one of my favorite aspects of life. I think about you guys and I am reminded that I should try new things and keep things fresh, That's what you accomplished here, an amazing new work of art that no one was expecting, and so new and creative that some people can't accept it. Amazing work with the new album, and a fantastic job with this video. It was, like the album, a cool new experience. I really liked how abstract it was, and as the song built up and progressed, movement was introduced. The video carried itself very well. Great job!

I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful art and talent with the world. Without you guys, I don't know where I would have got my start. For the love of music, keep it up.
good job...
I think it's a great job..Eventually we can see a video that combines art and technology, not only technology and a consequent waste of money.
anyone here knows how to replicate the same effect using photoshop?
A visual feast for sure!!!! What I got from it is we come from dust, and return to dust... all part of the bigger picture, part of the universe of being...
Hello Joe, you have once again outdone themselves. This is a great, revolutionary and artistic work. The video will hit like a bomb in the music video industry. I like the implementation of the technology for humanity, even if you implement the art and science in this video. Awesome, I can say. "I tip my hat to you," (says in Germany - freely translated). I look forward to your concert in Berlin - wow 1 week - I'm excited - see you (maybe). LP ROCKS
As much amazed by the visuals as the audio!! Beautiful through & through!!!!!
LP never disappoints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love it!! U guys always seem to amaze me..keep them coming...this song is so me..
The video is totally made for the song xD
Nice work guys!
You 're the best!
I liked this song the first time I hear it, even thought I didn't understand it completely -- English is not my first language, is Spanish :P, even so I liked the feeling it transmitted... After watching the vid, it was like the experience was complete. Thank u guys!
I love it! I think it is a truly original video and complimented the song. This just became my favorite LP video.

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