Today we premiered the music video for "Waiting for the End." It was an opportunity to experiment with pushing the digital envelope as it pertains to the visual language created thus far for A Thousand Suns. It was my attempt to digitally crush us to the point that you feel the soul of the music through what has become the essence of us. We become the ghosts in the machine. Some may say that because of technology, we lose a sense of who we are. I counter that by illustrating that we can get closer to who we are if we sift through the noise. If this sounds like it's too 'out there,' just ignore what I said and enjoy the pretty pictures. Let me know what you think here.

If you haven't seen it, here's a link.


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The video's awesome and song is rather good)) but there's too much electronics both in video and the song)) i don't like it
Very good song, heartfelt !))))
very cool
i like this looks like constellations at night time.... BTW Rob has a resemblance to Tom Cruise...LOL
cool song and video
I Like The Song and The Music Video!
Great experiment, Joe. But it isn`t best LP video for me.
I can honestly say I abused the replay button for over an hour on this video. Then, I went to work and brung everyone in to see the video on youtube. Yeah. I could definately say it was worth getting yelled at by the site manager. But even he had to conceed that it was an awesome music video.
I would just like to comment on the impressive work that Linking Park has done, I my self I work in the field of Audio/Visuals and I can tell they great work that was done with the light effects. also this has been by far the most communicative and artistic videos that have come out recently, this is showing the great meaning behind LP's message and show true art and not the degraded art we get from today's "young money" artist. FANTASTIC JOB to all LP members!!! I hope you guy keep making you guy's music with out the influence the industrial ideals. guys take note of messages, the lyrics mean a lot.
amazing video, a little strange and so compelling.I like it a lot
Great song is the only thing i have to say
Dear Joe,
The first time I replied to this link, I could not watch the video as it was blocked. Now after some time has passed, I've been hearing this song on the radio and catching plays on MTV. I think I figured out your concept for this video.....its about the passage of time. First the creation of the universe, than animals, humans, history and how thru time the constellations gets discovered but remains the same, yet humans (and animals) go thru the cycle of life and death. Now at this point, all the digital influences comes into play and time moves very fast. Artistically, you did a great job piecing all the nuances together. As always the band sound great and this has become one of my favourite songs. Am I right in what I've expressed?

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