Warner Bros. Closed my youtube account because i like linkin park!!

Hey to anyone that is reading this, i hope you got 5 minutes to read what i have written and offer your suggestions on what i should do.

I had my youtube account for 5 long years, uploading my small creations of which included mashup's, custom music videos and random little bits. Some of which included a remix i made of Busta Rhyme's 'We Made It', compilation video, and my most recent (to even to have been posted on this very forum) a custom video of 'Waiting For The End' which used video's from LPtv to create a studio style music video. To which I had got good reviews, but that's besides to point.

I made the video to show my belief in the music i listen to, and the creativity that the music inspired me, to create the video. It took the best part of a whole day, roughly 5/6 hours to make and put together. Now what  would like to know, is how is me making this video a copyright infringement, especially since i had other Warner brothers owned music on my account, let alone on the rest of youtube itself. I didn't upload it to make money from it, nor was it to profit from it in anyway shape or form. It was just to show my admiration for the music that one of my favourite bands had created, and besides, technically they should be paying me for promoting the music even more.

What narks me off about this even more, is the fact that Linkin park aren't like that. As a band, a brand, and entity and a whole, they would not kill someone's creativity. They are the brand that lives of the creativity, of each other and their fans. Heck, they even did a competition for a fan to get a remix on the recent album for Christ sake! They give away their live performances for people that go to see their show just so at least the people that went, can relieve their fantastic evening over, and over again. 

So why must Warner brothers put on so much hate? If you search youtube right now, I'm 100% sure you will find other people purposefully uploading videos just so people can download the song, and some even have links so u can illegally download the whole album. But yet, the guy with an idea, put into a video with music is the one that gets done over? It just seems incredibly backwards to me.

What's your opinion on this? Or has anything like that happend to you? If so, how did you respond?

Thank you for listening to (what was, effectivly) my rant.


P.S I Hope i put this in the right place.

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Sorry, not the right place, lol. The Barracks is for anything OTHER than Linkin Park. I'm going to move this into the Linkin Park forum. :)
I'ts Mystery. WB taked off One of my Videos
but they have'nt deleted my acount but if they
Things like those I'm sure u can get a New 

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