You haven't been in Poland since 2007. We are looking for you Linkin Park. This is the year!!! Come to us in this year. We are waiting. A lot of LP fans can't go to Germany to see You, it's too cost, but You can come to us. I couldn't be in Chorzów in 2007 but i am waiting. This is the moment Linkin Park.

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look this, a lot of people need you in Poland in this summer:

LP Poland petition

Why why????? why ? not in Poland, give me one reason Linkin Park. Why Germans have got 3,5 concerts every year. We in Polish fans are waiting 5 years. This is the year. Lonkin Park we invite you! Rob I know that you are reading it now, tell guys that you must back to us to Poland

ORANGE warsaw festival . I'll be there Linkin Park we met each other there !!! Thanks LP!!!!!!!!! after 5 years!!!!!!!!! amazing news!

You are South African and you have SA passport ,you must have a Schengen Agreement whether you will be quit to go through FR,D,PL.
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Czy ktoś wie jaki bilet mam kupować gdy już mam LPU? Na płycie, czy VIP? 

Does anyone know what kind of ticket should I buy if I have LPU? The cheapest one, or VIP?

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