Its been forever, and I really hope Linkin Park goes on tour soon. I havent seen them since 08. and I am craving too see them soooo bad. Anyone else agree? :)


I hope they go on tour for thier new album.


And I obviously know that they cant tour now.. Im just saying, they need to soon.

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I have no doubt that they will this year. I am also anxious as well! They're awesome live!
They'll probably tour after they finish the CD..... :)

Which may or may not be this year...
They have to finish the new album. It's hard for them to tour and work on an album at the same time...
i want a concert at canary islands.. i wish they make one here im saving my first time in a concert to linkin park :) hope they make my dream come true ^^

One step closer.FAREWELL!
i hope so too....they are now in europe i hope they are gonna come to croatia...i didn't been on their concert ever...:((
tomi u so lucky, croatia next concert =(
still waiting for a conect in canary islands Y_Y

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