Hi all,

Sorry about posting such a weird question here, was not sure whether this category is suitable for that or not. I spent literally 3 days looking for the answer and I hope i will get help on this forum.

In one of LP music videos there was a picture of some unusual animal on the wall. It looked pretty much like a bug with extremely long feet. For those who played morrowind, the best comparison would be Bull Netch. I am not sure whether the picture really looked the same or not, but as far as I remember it was kinda similar.

It was about 5 yrs ago when I found some fan drawing of this creature in the internet. As I was a huge fan of LP I printed it out and hung on my wall. After moving from one place to another I lost it and now spent, as mentioned above, 3 days already looking for it.

If you have any information regarding the animal, please reply to this thread. 

Thank you

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are you talking about that funky lookin thing from the SIB video?

Can you be really specific as to which music video are you referring to?

Or is it something like this?

There's an animal painted by salvador dali thats pretty similar, its the elephants by him. Google it :)

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