What about us that haven't attended the concert of Linkin Park ever becouse the concerts are far away from us thousands kilometars!?

In America LP do ,,hundreds,, of concerts a year, but we(from Balkan) we haven't seen them live since they started playing. Becouse the concerts are in completly different countries, miles away from us! I'm from Montenegro, and i feel sad about this. Why American, Asian, Central-west European people have hundreds of concerts and we don't have ONE concert in 4-5 years. That's motherfuckin sad. They don't care about us... 

For example too, i think that they had 4 concerts in Germany this summer...hahahah And Balkan(none)

FUCK THEIR TOUR(I HATE SAYING THIS). They haven't attended here in general! FUCKKKK...

I love them but this is completly sick, it sucks...I cannot take this anymore!


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Well Linkin Park did 22 U.S. shows this year, and the thing is, the United States is bigger than the entire continent of Europe itself, so it's understandable why the U.S. has more dates than countries like yours.


With that said tho, I never have understood why bands only hit select areas of the world to tour. It seems like every touring band these days only hits North America and West & Central Europe. Occasionally continents like Austrailia and South America are hit, but that's really it. There could be several reasons, maybe Live Nation won't support a concert in a country that's foreign to them, maybe they feel their fan base isn't big enough to draw a big crowd in that country, maybe there aren't any venues in that country that can support a Linkin Park concert, considering the amount of electricity and equipment involved, or maybe they just aren't popular in that country. 


Anyway, I would suggest just to save up for the next time they go to Europe and pick the concert closest to your country. Hope you get to see them some time!

Hi Stefan,

I don't know exactly how it works, but the band doesn't decide where to play, they have people working on that for them. They simply go where they're told....Don't take it out on the guys!

They're my favorite band and I've never seen a concert. The only time they were in Portugal I hard to work, so i couldn't go, and plus I would have to drive 400km to see them, not to mention the money that it would all cost. I pay my bills all by myself so it's not easy.... But if I really whant to see them I know I'll have to make the effor,t save up and make a trip wether it's 400km or 4000km. And you get the extra of getting to meet new places ; P  


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