What are your Favorite LP moments either live or whatever?

I got two favorite LP moment;
  First one was back in 2003 Lpu underground 2.0 my friends and I got the chance to meet the band. Along the way we got lost had a flat tire and stood outside in below zero weather. I told my friends I would tell chester the story of our woe and get a hug from him. They didn't believe me, so as soon we got up to him. I felt my heart pumping faster than usual, I told him our story, he responded awww and gave me, and my friends a hug. No one else in the line got a hug.

seeing them on projekt revolution and having the live recording of it from Comcast center in Mansfield, MA. That was the best concert ever, espiscally during the song in the end hearing this chorus of people singing I try so hard part. Chester said that was the loudest he ever heard a crowd sing that part before it was was insane.

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