What are your other, NOT LP, music addictions right now?

personally, mine is breaking benjamin right now. used to be green day before i discovered LP tho... XD

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Smashing Pumpkins, especially their older stuff from Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie..
Alexandra Nofi said:
I'm addicted to Super Junior and G-Dragon, both are from Korea.

'Sori Sori Sori Sori.....'
I'm always into Eddie Vedder's soundtrack of the movie 'Into The Wild'. Other than that, John Mayer's new 'Battle Studies' is great. Also a lot of Neil Young.
Green day if anyone
I also listen to Green Day. Their album american idiot is fucken awsome. Listen to it if u havent already.
21st Century Breakdown by Green Day is fucken awsome too!
Biffy Clyro and Marmaduke Duke! They rule :D
I also listen to My Chemical Romance. They were awsome at the project rev 2007 tour.
typ answer - so many - but I find myself listening to more Breaking Benjamin as well as Staind; also breaking out some Limp Bizkit since they added us to their tour July 11th - rock on! hmmm - listened to old Van Halen and Def Tones to and from work on Monday & Tuesday... lots more, but hard to think of others when all over the LP site trying to download, listen, etc.
evanescence and maNga
This few weeks is Deftones: new album, french show, etc... make me follow and listen to them a lot.

But there're also Biffy Clyro (Mon the Biff! ^^), Muse & Fightstar,

always be addicted to this 4 + LP! :D
Cobra Starship!!! And All Time Low, I guess :)

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