What are your other, NOT LP, music addictions right now?

personally, mine is breaking benjamin right now. used to be green day before i discovered LP tho... XD

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Rise Against, Track Fighter, 10 years, deadmau5, slipknot, papa roach, Five finger death punch, datf punk, stone sour and the list goes on and on and on....
Well, actually -please don't laugh about it-, I'm currently into some classical composers' works, from the baroque to the romantic age, to be precisely. Ah well, a little Tschaikovsky a day, makes you feel all merry and gay. :-) Also, I've been listening to opera quite a lot lately, like the arias from Carmen, Lakmé, and Madame Butterfly. But as for modern pop(ular) music, I'm into Depeche Mode and Gorillaz. Seems to be pretty unusual for a hardcore Linkin Park fan, according to these forums... Is anyone else around into classical these days? Please comment on my profile if you are, I'd like to have someone to discuss this topic with. Whatever your taste is, medival Gregorian, Wagner arias, or Schönberg's atonal, I'd love to hear from you! :-)

RIght now, it's Men Without Hats. The best.

I'm not quite phasing through many bands and forming an addiction, I'm still hooked on my all time favorites: Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Korn & a million others!

Ummm i guess i gotta say Rise Against, Disturbed, Skillet, Fort Minor... an I gotta put it out ther, I know its pretty different, But I absolutely love 2pac. Favorite rapper of all time, Linkin Park and 2pac top my list
Currently? Sum 41, and Owl City. For all time? Blink-182, and Good Charlotte.
Poets of the Fall. Everyone should give them a try.



I made a commercial for them. Check it out!



Blessthefall promo video! The allstars tour! Check it out!

Mine too right after Good Charlotte!
Shadow of a Doubt said:
To be honest....Big Time Rush. Yeah, they are my guilty pleasure...
If anyone is addicted to Good Charlotte please send me a friend request! :)
ive been addicted to nickelback lately

I'm bored and I need more music to listen to. Somebody suggested Janes Addiction's version of Sympathy for the Devil to me and i luv it and its my fave right now.
Great Shape Today


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