What are your other, NOT LP, music addictions right now?

personally, mine is breaking benjamin right now. used to be green day before i discovered LP tho... XD

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Hmm... Dead By Sunrise. Does that count? I'm addicted to them.

Breaking Benjamin is one of my favorite bands too btw.
HIM, Evanescence (listening to older stuff), Dead by Sunrise...
hmmmmmm Definately Get Busy Committee and Red
J-rock and J-pop, Mainly Gackt, Laruku, Kat-tun, Dead by Sunrise, Savage Garden that kinda stuff,
Right now?

Well I recently got Metallica's Tres Noches En La Ciudad Mexico. Pretty fucking awesome live release. 2 DVD's 2 CD's. 34 songs from 3 nights in Mexico City.

Also really digging Opeths "Watershed", Apocalyptica's "Inquisition Symphony" and Scale the Summit's "Carving Desert Canyons"
Uh, Owl City is one of my musical addictions right now along with Adema. Eminem too.

I know. Very bipolar. :P
Breaking Benjamin is awesome!
My addictions atm are Placebo, MSI and Mike Posner
I'm addicted to Super Junior and G-Dragon, both are from Korea.
I like a couple of songs from Super Junior, but I haven't heard anything from G-Dragon. Any songs that you would recomend, Alexandra?
I listen to Mudvayne, POD, Defones, Papa Roach, Adema, Crazy Town, Taproot, Static-x...
Coheed & Cambria
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