Could you please tell me what you think about LP's new album A Thousand Suns. All comments will be accepted. Here is what I think.


I was very disapointed about the new album. It's not what I expect from a band like LP. I wrealy liked Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight. I knew that the new album was going to be a sound. I wasn't expect another HT or another M2M. I wanted something new. i just didn't want what they made. Just my opinion. What do you think?

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What I wanted was music. What I got was better than I ever expected from them. If you like it, take it in. If you don't, let it go. Just, don't start yelling about it.
I guess that if there will be the question asking about the best album in the history of LP, I bet there will be two most popular variants - Hybrid Theory and Meteora. As for me, these two albums are my musician Mein Kampf (or Bible - depends on how religious are you))). But still, there are no bands that are able to make something new of their music. Ask Metallica to try making some good country-styled music and what will you have? Rubbish. Metallica is a great band, but still, for all their time they were working in one music style. They are extremely good at that, but only in that way. I guess LP have already shown that they can work with almost every music style: if it is rap - Step Up or High Voltage, if it's rock - One Step Closer, if it's just DJ-styled track - Cure For The Itch or Session. They are good at everything. And I guess that's great that LP are looking for something new - that's makes them unique.

But if they'll make something in style of Hybrid Theory - I'll die for having that album)

ATS ROCKS!!!!! LP is always LP! ATS is differently different than the other albums and its damn unique! No other album of any artist will ever be like those of Linkin Park and ATS is included!

When ATS was released last year, a section came in the newspaper about it. A big one. Some fans in this country said that "it's like a test", fans who like it pass it!

I love it though! :-)

What bout Green Day's Awesome as ****?

At first i was disappointed because i was looking forward to something more like the old LP...but then after listening to it for a while, it got pretty damn catchy. 

Haha, now i just love 'a thousand suns'- it's just so unique and entertaining:) I can't stop listening to it, and (as always) the lyrics are so creative (although i don't think the meanings in their lyrics are as deep as they used to be).

Basically, its just awesome - like their past albums :)


its pretty good. bt i like there older music when they were more down to earth lol....old skool.
Ripped Muscle X


I thought ATS was different from the rest of the albums they made.But it was different in a good way and i think if  anyone would compare Hybrid Theory to ATS i would pick ATS for some reason ATS has this unique sound to it.

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