THEY opened my eyes to see many things that were disguise involuntary, so they wakened in me nice feelings and  I'm grateful to THEM!!!


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Linkin Park got through the cloud of depression over my head and made me interested in life again. They're my muse, too - listening to Linkin Park clears my mind and creates worlds in my mind. They gave me confidence to talk to other people. I owe a lot to them.

I was a girl who had no interest in life at all and who was always waiting for death..But Linkin park opened up my mind and helped me to become normal again!!some people never listened to linkin park and say that they are bad!!!i thought that I will never be happy again but im so proud to say that i am a happy person today

Linkin Park means the whole world to me..Whenever i am depressed or i lose faith in something i hear them..their lyrics talks to me...i always say to my frnds that linkin park is the only one to understand my feelings...each of their songs correctly match my feelings and they give me a new infused one..thank you linkin park..thanks a lott

yeah, Linkin Park made me love music, because Linkin Park`s songs can make my feeling better, i can enjoy them.

LP made me feel alive XD

they did everything
They made my way of life, they opened my eyes, they made understand what is going on in my around while I'm Blind, they are Just BEST ;DDDDD <3 LP & SOLDIERS FOREVER ;)

Linkin park changed my life because of how much their sons related to me and well it was just every thing that I loved when I herd their music and I just don't know how to put it except for I LOVE YOU LINKIN PARK AND YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE INTO SOMETHING BETTER...

and also just being in this linkin park fan site has made me feel like I am finally somewhere I belong. :)

Linkinpark changed my view to music...They just made me a huge lover of music...

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