What do u think about LP songs, gues?))) Have their songs ever helped you in your life?)))

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About LP songs ? They simply Prefect :D & If I want to explain it we can see why they are special,
First Point What is Rock Music ? A beat a Music can call Rock When we use "Drum" & "Bass Guitar" that's basic & for effect "Effect or same Electric Guitar is a must" but something is clear here "DJ" Can't be part of Rock Music but we have it here, That's what "Joe Hahn" doing in LP, Linkin Park Merging beats who can;t be with together who doesn't exist, they made Impossible Possible, Like Dream of Flying xD No one couldn't think Human can fly in the air & no one couldn't think How Disk & DJ can be part of Rock Music One day & it happens & that's cause of Mike's Brain who bring this Up & Joe's Brain Who making these disks between Bass & Drum & Electric, that's a big talent who for long time won't repeat, & the point is with something who have nothing to do with each other they made a music who is adorable who is really beautiful songs like "With You" "PaperCut"
"Points Of Authority" we can Completely feel Joe's talent, &
_2nd Point, something is clear again is "Hip_Hop_ & "Rock" have nothing to do with each other, but LP did it, that's what Mike doing, & Micheal rapping Middle Rock Music that's a Miracle & alot of people first can say that's can't happened & A lot of people thought that but sudden Some guys came a band & show how you can be special Mike Rapping aside that Playing "Piano" Piano is a Soft Motion Beat can't be with Hard Rock beat but We seeing how they making beautiful songs with Piano & rapping middle of Rock songs like "Breaking The Habit" or "Burn It Down" & Aside that we have best Rocker in the world, & He is
"Chester Charles Bennington" someone who never ever no one could scream like him, He sing like an angle & screaming like Devil He's prefect is so many ways & & we can't ignore anyone this is LP
Mike , Chester, Rob, Dave, Brad, Joe, They made LP & they wanted to be special & they are Special <3 :D & All LP songs helping me everywhere every Min :D special "IN THE END" ;) LP is best fuck the rest :P in the end it doesn't even matter xD

LP & soldiers forever <3

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