Hey guys! In this discussion I would like to know what the LP univers does expect and wish from the new album. Well, I actually expect something completly new from LP. They said that this album will include a new genre and I'm really looking forward to seeing what this new genre is called and which difference there's between this new genre and LP in the past. That's because they also said they wanna go back to the roots of Hybrid Theory but also not sound like that. So, it just can get great. What do I wish? I wish that LP still continues being themselves and actually I've no doubt in that and also that they suprise us with some really cool stuff this year.
So with that being said: What are your thoughts about this?

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I expect to hear guitar, bass, drums, scratching, keyboards and vocals... and probably some live strings...
Beyond that I have no actualy expectations as to how things willl, could or should sound. Expectations are a great way to end up disappointed as they cloud what you are actually experiencing with what you think you should be experiencing.

I take what Mike says about busting genres and such with a big grain of salt. As long as they're writing what they want to write and not what certain fans or the label want them to write then it's all good.

Oh and if you could provide a link to where they "said they want to go back to the roots of Hybrid Theory", cause I don't remember anything like that. I do know they're recording at NRG where HT and M were recorded, but that's about it.

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