I really
like the contrast between the gloominess of some of the pictures and the colors
they are painted with. I mean, purple skulls? Great!! ^^

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Shinoda's art is a perfect example of how idea and reality intersect to complement each other. Like his music, his paintings are quite good.
Skulls are pretty, btw =)))
Awesome, represents the new era of painting, just awesome.
Mikes art is a cool mixture of digital an traditional art^^ even i prefer the digital stuff^^
I really like the hidden meanings and messages within his work....its like humans are turning into monotonous, soulless beings; who disguise themselves with bright colors so that nobody can see the inner pain and loneliness. I like Mike's paintings much more than those of any other artist...his paintings depict a wonderful mix of emotions, colors and technique.
I really like Mike's artwork.they're all interesting, love the colors & all details in his art! I'm as designer love many artists, many styles in art, and Mike's art is smth special too, he is interesting as an artist & designer!
Hope too see more art from Mike soon :) and also hope to visit his exhibition!
i love Mike's art. there's always things you don't see in it the first time, so when you come back a second or third time, it's like it becomes a new piece every single time.
Mike's art is amazing. I really love the way he uses color as such a big thing in all his work. He is the reason why I want to go to art school =]
Mike's art is incredible. So is Joe's, but one piece in particular I saw by Mike was awesome, a very lovely detailed depiction of Kurt Kobain. :D
i love the colours.Really the colours inspires you :D
perfect contrast in colors.

is work is amazing i love all the paintings that he has done
I love how creative and unique it is! You don't find other paintings like Mike Shinoda's! I mean who has thought of even attempted to create original masterpieces as purple skulls or put such tiny shapes and signs and make it look that they didn't even use it. His ideas are full of creativity! I love his work!



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