I've loved linkinpark for a while now and now that their new album (A THOUSAND SUNS) came out i don't like them anymore...they completely changed their style.  I'm not saying that they should make five Hybrid Theory's!!  They should of just waited a little bit before releasing their new album and maybe make 1-2 more albums of their old music...anyway just tell me what you think of their new album...  ▬▬▬  ☺


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I personally loved their new album i know they totallly changed their sound but we're in a new era of music and they're rocking it. I thougth they did a good job in introducing something new.And i think they'll be awesome no matter what they're sensational LP FOREVER
I think that Linkin Park did a good job on their new album. And I know that is the same music as Hybird Theory but is still good.
i give it 2stars.Like you said,they changed their music too much by making it slower.There is also barley any guitar and rapping.A Thousand Suns doesn't have any tracks that you can really rock out to.It should have been more like meteora or hybrid theory.They really need to improve.They sound like a whole different band with different music and that is not good.PLEASE LINKIN PARK MAKE IT BETTER!COME BACK AGAIN!YOU WENT FROM BEING ON TOP AND NOW YOUR GOING DOWN!
I honestly loved A Thousand Suns. I think that all their past albums like hybrid theroy are amazing too. I think that sometimes change is a good thing. Now I'm not saying that their older stuff wasn't great just that they seem to me that they don't want to make every album sound the same. Instead
they want to show that they have range. A thousand suns actually may be my favortie LP CD tied with Hybrid Theroy at the least.

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