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i think it sucks ... so commercial.
Come on, the album is So Cool!!
I'm crazy of "Waiting For The End" since the first time I heard it
you must hear all of the song. they made mixing from traditional music from several country. i think it's genious

Nina said:
i think it sucks ... so commercial.

Yeah, I love it too (Waiting for the end) :D

Very ,very good
ATS. The best of the BEST.
Awesome album with many emotions felt thoughtout the album brilliant.I thought it was awesome how the messenger was  the last song.

Personnaly Iove it.

I think it's consistent and follow some red line (or main idea, I'm french and dunno how to say...).

So cool to listen to it entirely , from the requiem and the radiance and the catalyst...

I Think it's good and I like the idea that Linkin Park is pushing their style of music but I don't think the LPU CDs they are putting out are enough for their nu metal side. For the next album I would really like to see Linkin Park Search for their NU METAL Roots and then push it creatively. Like for example the jump from Hybrid to Meteora to me was it sounded a little more synth-e and had the ever most slight sliver of the genre Pop to it. Now I think they should try a Nu Metal mixed with ALTERNATIVE or HARD ROCK/HEAVY METAL
pienso que tiene demasiadas pistas electronicas, y que es demasiado suave para mi gusto, creo que solo acertaron "the catalist"

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