Along with LP, I thought Dead By Sunrise was a pretty good band, I was wondering what other LP fans thought about the band, do you think they're better than Linkin Park?

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I think they're absolutely terrible.
DBS is definitely more rock-like, than LP, but now matter what, Chester still a great singer whatever group he is in. Some of DBS's songs really connect with me actually.......

Daniela Valera Salazar said:
I love DBS, the Out Of Ashes album I have it: D
I love this side project, I like the direction that Chester took to NOT make a LP2, but to create a band with its own light

But we can not say they are better than LP, since they have different styles and directions
DBS I love ... but .. not as LP:)

PS: Excuse my English, I'm latin ^^
"Nenhum é melhor que todos eles juntos",o LP é um capitulo a parte.

Vejo o DBS como uma das varias possibilidades de expressão, do Chester
poderia ser ator, pintor ...
Está dentro daquilo que ele faz de melhor, que é cantar!

I love it!!! Chester has a great voice.
Happiness for misery,
(I want it)
Cut me up and leave me,
(For dead)
Sacrifice a simple life,
(No return)
Kiss the wife and kids goodbye,
(For good)

That has to be my favorite DBS song... And all the rest of them. DBS seemed to have more of a slap in the face impact that really was eyeopening compared to LP. But LP has the heavier sound I look for in a band. Either way, I love Chester's voice. And with the 2 genres I can't really tell you which one I think is better. If I feel angry, I listen to LP. If I feel under the weather, DBS is probably going to be better for me to listen to. Really, it all comes down to the individual. :)

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