I just thought I'd ask everyone what do you want the new LP album to sound like? There's apparently a 2012 release planned, so not too long now, but what does the community think ti should sound like?

Should LP go back the the "old" style of rap-rock / nu-metal hybrid that first made them famous, or should they carry on in the experimental direction that ATS was heading in? Personally I think a mix of both would be great, with the energy of MTR and HT, with mainly guitar-lead melodies, but with the experimantal side thrown in too (like what Korn did only no dubstep please).

Just like to see everyone's opinions on the subject.

Chrz, Mark :)

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I would love it if Lp did a mix of hybrid theory and mtm with heavy guitar Riffs maybe something with a twist

i  want it to be like minutes to midnight cuz that is the best lp album


DEFINITELY like METEORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want it to sound like whatever comes out of their beautiful minds.

As long as it sounds like Linkin Park, I'm happy.

My only wish is that the lyrics have more substance than the previous two.

I LOVE the last two albums, but some songs were just.. unrelatable.. I want to feel my Soul be moved, and I know they're capable of it. So I'll just have to wait and see. ^_^

LOL! Why?

Rudolf Lovrenčić said:


More like the raw sound from M2M but still trying to be experimental like a thousand suns.

I reckon it should be a mix of Hybrid theory and meteora :D love those albums!!! <3

it needs to be a combination of hybrid theory m2m and meteora. no thousand suns.

Cos in my opinion thousand suns sucked... worst album I've heard in years from any band!

Melanie Martinez said:

LOL! Why?

Rudolf Lovrenčić said:


I would like for LP to make an album that will sond 'new' but, i would like too, that it sound just a little bit like some songs from MTM(What i've done, No morre sorrow, Given up)

a little bit from ALL their albums :)) Hybrid theory's hardcoreness, Meteroa's beat, Minutes to Midnight's softness and a Thousand Suns originality

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