I just thought I'd ask everyone what do you want the new LP album to sound like? There's apparently a 2012 release planned, so not too long now, but what does the community think ti should sound like?

Should LP go back the the "old" style of rap-rock / nu-metal hybrid that first made them famous, or should they carry on in the experimental direction that ATS was heading in? Personally I think a mix of both would be great, with the energy of MTR and HT, with mainly guitar-lead melodies, but with the experimantal side thrown in too (like what Korn did only no dubstep please).

Just like to see everyone's opinions on the subject.

Chrz, Mark :)

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Bring back the Old good Linkin Park. Everytime i mention LP to someone they say they miss the Old Linkin Park. Bring back music like Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Some soft songs bust most, rock/numetal/rap(mike shinoda) bring those back please. now A Thousand Suns, i hated that. didnt sound like LP AT ALL! Bring back the old stuff!!!

well it doesn't really matter IMO. yeah, old songs are a bit better, but hey, they still exist, u can still listen to HT & MTR any time u want. I think it's good to be moving on to something new, but the new stuff could be a bit "harder" though

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